Requirements for Admission

We invite you and your child to tour YSB Child Development Center, speak to our teachers, observe our activities, and talk with other parents about our program.

  1. A child must be fifteen months old by his/her first day of attendance at the center.
  2. An enrollment package form the center including a medical form, enrollment forms, and consent form must be submitted BEFORE the start of attendance. Your child will not be admitted to the center if the forms are not completed before his/her first day of attendance.  Forms will be updated on an annual basis.  Please be advised that all information is confidential.
  3. Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Admission to the center is on a first come, first served basis.  Priority is given to full time (5 full days per week) children. Slots for part-time care will be filled only if full time children are not available. Part-time care of less than four days per week is considered temporary and their slot may be replaced by a family requesting full-time care. If no space is available, your name will be placed on our waiting list.  As soon as a vacancy occurs, you will be notified. Subsidized day care slots are available for low income families who qualify.  The number of subsidized slots is limited by available resources.
  5. There is an annual material and activity fee per child, which must accompany the enrollment forms.  The fee is non-refundable.