Management of the center is the responsibility of the director, who is hired by the Executive Director of the YSB. The child care staff are directly responsible for care and safety of children at all times according to the Deapartment of Children and Family Services Licensing Safety Standards for Day Care Centers. Each age group has qualified staff who are responsible for the children in their care. Staff members are experienced and qualified through accredited courses in the field of early childhood education, child development and related fields. Adult to child ratios required by licensing standards are met or exceeded for each age group. Staff regularly attend in-service training and educational workshops and are encouraged to develop their capabilities through further course work.  According to DCFS at least one staff person must be certified in CPR and First-Aid.  YSB Child Development Center's goal will be to have staff fully trained in CPR and First-Aid within 6 months of a staff persons employment.

All staff members are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse/neglect and are subject to the state law regarding abused/neglected child reporting.

Staff Structure, Qualification, Responsibilities and Supervision
Continuous in-service training is expected of all employees. Director and teachers are First Aid and CPR certified and trained in preventing the spread of contagious disease through universal precautions. All staff are mandated reporters for suspected child neglect or abuse and are trained in identifying signs of neglect and abuse.

The Director is responsible for overall Center operation, including management and staff supervision. The director has a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education concentrating in Special Education. The director must have experience teaching young children, and hold a Food Sanitation Certificate. The position is supervised by YSB Director of Community Services.

The Teachers are responsible for classroom management, including daily schedule, curriculum and developmental assessments. Each classroom has at least one teacher with an Associates or Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education or relate field.