Foster Care


Foster Care is a program for children in state custody who are unable to remain in their home.  Children in foster care stay with a family who provides safety, nuturing, support and role models for change.  Foster care is meant to be a temporary, short term solution to an emergency situation.  Foster placement may be for a single day or several weeks and continue for years.

For information on becoming a foster parent, please call Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley at (630) 820-6303 and we will be happy to help you explore foster parenting.

Information to know before you get started (click on links):


Should You Become a Foster Parent?


Requirements and Expectations of Foster Families



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Important to know:

  • Whenever possible, YSB preserves the child's family.  A child should be separated from his or her family only when the family is absent or is unwilling or unable to provide a minimally acceptable family life.
  • The purpose of foster care is to provide safety, continuity, consistency and permanency in a family setting for the growing child.  When returning home is not possible, alternative permanent plans must be pursued.

Our Community needs foster families...

Today's foster families are:

  • Patient
  • Accepting of Differences
  • Flexible
  • Willing to Make a Commitment
  • Nurturing
  • Compassionate

They are members of a team and have:

  • A capacity to share
  • A sense of humor
  • A willingness to grow
  • The ability to provide supervision and consistency

Give Families a Chance....

Just as there are many types of foster parents, there are different options in foster parenting. The Youth Service Bureau offers a variety of foster care experiences:

  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Short-term Respite Foster Care
  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Specialized Foster Care

Training and Support Services:

  • Pre-service and ongoing foster parent training
  • Financial reimbursement for room and board, clothing, and personal allowance
  • Reimbursement for travel when excessive, with prior approval
  • Foster Support Group

Who can make a difference…

Persons who:

  • Are single, married, or in a legal civil union
  • Rent or own their home
  • Are at least 21 years of age
  • Have sufficient income to provide for their family
  • Complete the state licensing process
  • Are willing to work as a member of a professional team
  • Are able to help a child cope with separation, loss, and grief
  • Are supportive of the child's biological family and return home goals
  • Help the child preserve relationships as well as build new ones
  • Comply with licensing standards for foster family homes

Who are the children?

  • Foster children represent all ethnic groups and all ages, from infancy through teens
  • Some have developmental disabilities and need special care
  • Some have behavioral or emotional problems as a result of neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse
  • Every child needs and deserves the love, affection, and guidance that a caring and committed family can give
  • Every child needs safety, encouragement, understanding and support

Sharing your home with foster children you provide:

  • Love and Understanding
  • Time
  • Family
  • Security and Stability

Available in the following counties:

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